Supergirl Discussion: “Red Faced”

Pretty much everyone acts like a dick this week, but we do see an effective take on T.O. Morrow, new information about Pa Danvers’s disappearance, and a startling last-moment twist. The Red Tornado recalls ludicrously the Tin Man; the episode itself, while it had some decent moments, needs a heart.


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  1. Red Tornado was cheesy as hell.

    And yeah, everyone was being stupid. First of all, Red Tornado wasn’t even CLOSE to a match for Supergirl. I don’t know why anyone assumed it would be. Also, yes, Morrow was controlling it, but when it “ran off” nobody even asked why there was no failsafe. Or why something would be designed to run to a city and destroy it (which everyone assumes it’s about to do). I mean, really?

    And did I mention Red Tornado was cheesy? I thought it was a reincarnation of Kryten.

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