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  1. moo
    The Ultimate Spiderman movie storyarch is such a cheap gimmick. Note to writers: Leave the commercials in the twinkie ads. Oh and what’s up with the Ultimates? The writing in that has taken such a nosedive, talk about formulaic.

  2. Exiles, Supreme Power, Wolvie

    Other than absolutely having to stay tuned to find out who the new team member will be, I found the new issue of Exiles quite satisfying. I’m not sure what the change in writers will mean, quality-wise.

    Supreme Power was nicely done, and very well thought out, but I can’t say I found the last panel terribly surprising :)

    I’m also very intrigued by Wolverine: The End. It was starting to get obvious what they were going to do by the end of the issue, but it was still unexpected. I just hope I haven’t already spotted all of the remaining plot twists.

    In news of books you didn’t mention, BPRD: A Plague of Frogs looks like it’s going to shake some things up. It made me curse. I’m not sure how I feel about what

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