Supergirl Discussion: “Blood Bonds”

Supergirl continues to encounter difficulty reconciling its stories and tones. The goofy, Cat-thinks-Kara-is-Supergirl plot underscores the ridiculousness of our hero’s double-identity and disguise.* It’s also hard to see how these events could be unfolding simultaneously with the more intense alien invasion / hostage storyline. What works in a Silver Age comic doesn’t always fly on contemporary television. In the end, it depends on what one wants out of the series…

I suspect a lot of people will continue to enjoy Supergirl. And while I like the lead, and I’m curious as to what they’ll be doing with Maxwell Lord and J’onn J’onzz, TV has too many decent SF/Fantasy series right now for me to keep watching this one.

Discussions will continue as long as people participate, and occasional reviews might appear. If anyone wants to run reviews, let us know. I’m sure that Kryptonian army will get tired of hanging out by the watercooler and return at some point.

*I recognize the point of the plot, to show Kara’s desire to grow as a human being.