Daemonik writes, For those who remember the Tracy family, Tin-Tin and Lady Penelope with fondness there is a live action Thunderbirds movie coming out this summer.

For those who have no idea, the Thunderbirds was a 60’s children’s tv show created by Gerry Anderson. Rather than resorting to animation, Thunderbirds was defined by its use of Supermarionation (puppets) and models to depict the adventures of International Rescue in the year 2065. Google as always can help you find out more.

From the trailer, the movie looks to be a fairly faithful translation with live actors substituted for the puppets. However, the big question of course is will the 60’s retro sets and optimistic futurism go over with todays CGI saturated audiences? Will anyone other than ‘geeks’ get it or is Hollywood making another travesty out of our childhood?