Legends of Tomorrow: “Pilot, Part 2”

Our heroes are stuck for awhile in 1975, depicted at its cheesiest, which suits a show that amounts to a comic-book cheese casserole, darkened unexpectedly by the death (for now?) of a key player.

Whether the show is a good or bad thing…

…depends on the viewer. If it were the only superhero show, I might watch it. As it stands, it will be something I check into now and then.

The Bureau browsers may have other ideas, of course.

4 replies on “Legends of Tomorrow: “Pilot, Part 2””

  1. Viewing it with “pilot goggles”, I’m willing to keep going for now. My wife and son liked it, so that’s a plus.

    I’ve got some issues with how they handled the changes to the timeline, and how obvious they were with displaying their anachronistic technology, but they’re new at it, so… *shrug*

    If nothing else, I’m curious about how they handle that death in the second half of the pilot.

  2. Rip, please tell us you were lying again. Because if you weren’t I’d like to know exactly how you got your Time Master membership card, in a Cracker Jack box?

    So, Rip shows the crew a theoretical alternate future being formed because Palmer lost a do-icky and Savage found it. He tells them that there’s still time to fix that because the timeline won’t become fixed until Savage’s scientist reverse engineer the thing-of-a-jig so he can build a super weapon.

    Err, Excuse me, but that isn’t how the timeline works, Rip. I’m not a time traveler and *I* know that’s not how it works.

    The timeline wont become fixed so long as there’s someone in the time period capable of taking the whatchamacallit back or destroying the research/weapon. Granted, once the research is done things get a whole lot more complicated, but it’s still possible.

    The other way the timeline would become fixed, although that one sort of depends on the particular of your dimension, is if you leave the time period. Since you’re no longer there to fix the problem, then the timeline become fixed.

    So again Rip, I hope you were lying to them, although I can’t understand why you would in this case.

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