Flash Discussion: “Tar Pit”

We’ve got a sticky situation, some slippery ethical slopes, a speedy family reconciliation, and the promise of Earth Two. Here’s the place to discuss this week’s Flash.

Update! Also, Barry will meet Supergirl on March 28. No word on whether they will be shown as sharing a universe, or living in alternate ones.

3 replies on “Flash Discussion: “Tar Pit””

  1. I’m not quite sure how Wells thought he could get away with what he did, given the intelligence of the people around. Or perhaps he wanted to get caught. *shrug*. Otherwise the episode seemed a bit of a throw-away.

    I’m kind of excited for next week and the E2 stuff coming up, and the Supergirl crossover.

    • I don’t know about the intelligence of the people. For a bunch of scientists and such, they do some really stupid things.

      I’m quite curious about how they’re going to do the Supergirl crossover. They’ve already established alternate earths– but it would be entirely in keeping with Gold and Silver Age DC if they just had the characters exist on the same world, but only affect each other during crossovers. We just don’t ask what Supergirl’s older cousin was doing while Ollie was being a homicidal vigilante.

      • Touche’, though at least when something is off with Barry — and he actually mentions it — they seem to be on the ball.

        At this point with Flash I wouldn’t be shocked if they went deeper into the multi-verse and even landed or moved past the Movie-verse and/or Smallville-verse in a blink-and-you-miss-it shot at some point.

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