Weekly Comics Discussion

This week sees the end of Ultimate Six, the
fifth issue of Ultimate Fantastic Four, the
Essential Tomb of Dracula Vol. 2 trade, and
Ultimates Vol. 2: Homeland Security. UFF
will be reviewed with issue 6, while the rest of
these will be reviewed as soon as I read them. (The
Tomb of Dracula will be a while, as I want to finish
Essential Daredevil Vol. 2 first.)

3 replies on “Weekly Comics Discussion”

  1. runaways
    Hey Fiziko, I bought Runaways vol. 1 on your recommendation and just want to say it was a good pick. Great dialogue(well maybe not for the parents) and an original story. I was thoroughly entertained. Thanks again.

  2. Decision
    I’ve been thinking about getting back into comics, via the wonder that is the graphic novel. I’m trying to decide what to get – I’ve been picking some up here and there, mostly big name ones (Kingdom Come, Watchmen, V for Vendetta, Essential Silver Surfer and Thor, etc) but I’ve been looking at the Ultimate Spider-Man series for awhile; I’ve read the reviews but I’m still undecided, so I ask here – is it worth it? Are there any other series that I should consider (I’ve heard that Bendis’ Powers is quite good, but I haven’t found any in depth reviews, plus they’re insanely back ordered on Amazon) or buy instead of Spider-man? Should I just say the heck with it and continue spending far too much money on videogames and DVDs instead (or maybe save and buy my own car)?

    What say you, oh Bureau42 comic-people?

    • Re: Decision
      Saw this late, hopefully you get to read this :).

      Ultimate Spiderman is a great way to get back into comics, hell it worked for me. It’s one of the most honestly written super hero comics out there. Bendis takes the “geek who gets powers” and he makes him someone we can relate to, someone we envy for the right reasons. Parker never looked this good and believable imo.

      All the Utlimate books are good save for the Ultimates. If you don’t want to go through 50 issues of Ultimate Spiderman then Ultimate Fantastic Four might be something you want to pick up. Ultimate X-men is also starting to get REALLY good and fresh. They’re finally stepping away from the original’s stories and making drastic changes.

      Vertigo has some great stuff out there too if you’re not into the super hero thing. Losers is such a great read.

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