Movie Discussion: “Deadpool”

Incredibly, none of us have seen Deadpool yet, but it’s the breakout movie of the weekend.

So provide us with your own reviews!

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  1. Loved the $#!+ out of it from the open credits to the post-credits scenes. It’s clear the whole crew loved the project and had a blast with it. I confess I haven’t read much of Deadpool so the bulk of my exposure has been through individual pages posted online and various jokes and whatnot, but it seemed to be the most faithful adaptation of just about any comic I can recall.

    I am going to have to watch it many more times to catch things I missed due to laughing too hard, though it remains to be seen if I’ll make it to the theater again or if I’ll have to wait for a disc.

    Definitely leave the kids at home though, unless your kids are OK with violence, profanity, and occasional nudity.

  2. Indeed, good stuff. I’m an easy mark for superhero movies, though. I am wondering if they’ll get fined for the opening credits. While I loved it, my (poor) memory is telling me there’s a SAG rule that you can’t do something like that.

    My son is 16, and he went with me. There were several younger children in the audience (I’d guess the youngest was around 12). I don’t think I would have taken any of my children younger than that (not that any of them are any more).

    Lots of fun, lots of references. My son tried to count the number of times the 4th wall was broken, and missed at least one for not knowing the reference.

  3. I’m not a huge comic book fan, but I have read every single Deadpool series. I was worried that this movie would take all the juvenile stupid, and not have any of the depth.

    But, of goodness, did they ever get it right. This is 100% a Deadpool movie.

    It has been a long time since I’ve seen a movie where I was remembering bits and laughing about stuff days later. It’s been a long time since I’ve wanted to go see a movie in the theatre again.

    It’s one of those productions that actually turned a lot of problems into opportunities. Can’t afford more X-Men? Have Deadpool lampshade it. Last minute $7 million cut from the budget? Have Deadpool forget his guns in the taxi. They even managed to do the whole Combine Several Characters Into One Character thing right. And they managed to change some of Deadpool’s origin story and not have it be annoying. They really, really did it right, and the box office take absolutely bares that out.

    One of the most surprising things about this movie, though, was the love story! Yes, Deadpool had a really good love story. It just worked. None of the usual movie romance clichés. Just two people who actually love each other, and react realistically to real-life tragic situations… and even to the not-so-real-life situations that follow.

    My high point is the hopefully spoiler-tagged “McAvoy or Stewart?” but honestly the whole movie is a friggin high point.

  4. I saw this with a bunch of friends who are loving the Marvel Cinema Universe but are unfamiliar with the comics and the lore of all the characters. What they didn’t know till this movie was that Deadpool is aware that he is a character in a comic and is continually breaking the 4th wall. The fact that they left this in and got it right is the absolute high point. The intro titles play up to this. Jethro’s spoilered one liner plays up to this. The post Credits scenes play to this. Deadpool deliberately talking to the audience and hanging a lantern on it is how this works. Without this you the movie would just plan not work.

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  5. Also loved it! It was highly entertaining, the jokes were smart and well-executed, and the action was interesting.

    The only complaint I had was preachy-Colossus. It seems like they just can’t get Colossus right… :-(

      • Square, agreed, and kinda naive — at least until Mutant Massacre. But I never really felt like he would be preachy about it like this.

        And maybe my perceptions are biased. :-)

  6. Curious what folks thought about Vanessa’s character? I’ve heard some interesting commentary complaining about her, saying she’s two-dimensional with little more to do in the movie than be the perfect girl for Wade and be the damsel in distress. I don’t know that I completely agree, but I can understand how people get there. :-\

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