How does “Star Trek: Enterprise” strike you?

In an effort to be unbiased (because these ‘rumors’ are driving me nuts), here is an article from with news regarding the next Star Trek series. I’m hoping these are wrong…really, really hoping. The continuity problems are just going to be a major headache.

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  1. Still interested?

    Do you want us to continue posting Trek V rumors as we come across them, or would you rather wait until something official is announced from Paramount? Email me or post a comment.

  2. I thought all this was a hoax?
    This seems to be based on that fax from a while back that, I thought, was a confirmed hoax. All this information seems to treat that fax as accurate.

    Now, if it is true, I think that would be a shame. Going back to TOS production design? Yech… It looks so dated! I think the universe as of First Contact (in the past scenes, not ‘present’) was too close to 21st century earth now. I like how the world of Star Trek is so different than ours. I don’t know, it’s probably not true, so who knows?

  3. Andromeda vs. Enterprise?
    Can anyone explain the relationship, if any, between the Trek people and the “Gene Roddenberry’s” shows? I know that Majel is/was involved with the latter, but I’ve never been clear on whether they are allies, enemies, or neither.

    The reason I ask. of course, is that these Trek V rumors sound awfully similar to the “Andromeda” storyline. Sure, the details are different, but the (re)building the BigPeacefulGalacticUnion(TM) concept is the same. So if these new rumors are true, I have to wonder: who’s copying who here?

    When Andromeda first came out, I assumed that the Trek people had rejected the idea as a ST series, but handed it off to someone to produce under Roddenberry nameplate. This impression came from hearing the previous ST:5 rumors, which had two ideas competing for accepteance: one with the name “Andromeda”, and the other with the pre/early Federation setting. The last I heard was that the two had been combined. Does anyone else remember this?

  4. Stealing From The WB
    From The Article: . Other roles that have been cast include Engineer Charlie ‘Spike’ Tucker, who will be played by “an English guy,”

    Wonder If He’s Very Pale, With Bleached Blond Hair, And A Bumpy Forhead. Looks Like My Guess About “The WB Dynamic” Might Just Turn Out To Be Right. ;^)

    It’s Also Slightly Interesting To Note That With Buffy’s Contract Coming Up Soon, Maybe This “Casting” Was James Marsters Way Of Making Sure He’ll Have a Job If Things Go Very Sour.

    Or Maybe His Character Will Get Staked At The End Of The Season.

  5. Keep it coming
    I would like to see new information keep coming in, even if it is just rumors and conjecture. I think it will be fascinating once a show happens to look back at the posts and see how close the speculation is.

  6. James Marsters
    James Marsters is *not* an English actor. He does a

    pretty good accent, but then he always messes it up by

    saying ‘I’m gonna kick your ass’ when he should have

    said ‘arse’, or some other little mistake.

    Since the guy who plays Giles is English, and Josh

    Whedon grew up in England, I’m surprised they don’t

    correct these mistakes.

  7. “Arse”
    According to last summer’s IGN interview with Marsters, he did say “arse” in the rehearsals. Then Anthony Stewart Head took him aside and told him “we don’t say arse, we say ass like everybody else.”

    I know Marsters is from California, and not Britain, but he goes to Anthony Stewart Head for feedback on every line before they tape.

  8. I read that too actually
    I’m English, and the only time I’ve ever heard an

    Englishman say ‘ass’ was when refering to a donkey-like

    animal, as in: “Don’t be an ass”. I have never heard

    it used to mean ‘anus’ as it is by Americans.

    Maybe Head has been in the US for too long.

    But that’s not the only thing he get’s wrong. He

    mis-pronounces things like “can’t” all the time, and

    when he has to act really angry he loses the accent


  9. (-1, Offtopic) Spike
    I Noticed His Lack Of An Arse Also. I Was also Aware he Wasn’t An english Actor, But It Sounds Like They Are Making A Character That Reminded Me Of Spike.

    As for Head (What A Great Last Name, Huh? Because Who Doesn’t Want head?), It’s Possible That He Corrected Marsters On A Line Where he Said “Don’t Be An Ass”, And Marsters Took It Too Far, Or It Could be A Dialect Thing, Where In London They Do Say “Ass”, And The Rest Of England They Say “arse” (Random Expamle, I Have No Basis For Those Locations).

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