Arrow Discussion: “Taken”

Welcome to Star City, where Canaries can’t fly but a Vixen can, Evil Geniuses have obvious weaknesses and the inability to see through even more obvious disguises, and miracle cures can happen.

This week brings much drama, some decent fight scenes, and at least two turning points in the year’s story arc. Discussion below.

Mari McCabe, who plays Vixen, also voiced her in the recent animated series.

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  1. I’m not a big fan of the Vixen effects, otherwise it seemed alright. I think DD’s weakness was supposed to be something akin to “security by obscurity” — he was so sure nobody knew what his totem was that he hid it in plain sight. Given how cocky he was, this is not surprising, and seems like a classic comic villain move.

    I’d say my high point was “Well, that happened…”, I suspect now that DD is weakened and backed into a bit of a corner that he’ll be more dangerous than ever though.

    Felicity walking away at the end seemed miraculous but part of me wonders if her recovery was in some way related to DD losing power, or perhaps it was partially psychosomatic.

  2. If Felicity leaves the show, I’m done.
    If Felicity and Ollie don’t fix things, I’m done.
    Seriously, why do shows have to have relationship drama in their storylines????

    Anyone else remember Hart to Hart???/

    • I remember it existing; I never saw it.

      As for Felicity… Maybe. The show’s it’s own reality, but it has continuously inched closer to its comic-book source, where Ollie and Laurel have been a default thing for decades, so……

    • Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of Felicity, but if she wasn’t around there would be 1000% less relationship drama on the show. Not saying I’d like to see her die or break off from Oliver, but if they could stop trying to find ways to drive a wedge between them just for the sake of contrived drama, that would be great.

      After the promo, I’m expecting both Nyssa and Cupid to object at their wedding. And Huntress for good measure. And Shado because why not bring her back, too.

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