Legends of Tomorrow Discussion: “Star City 2046”

The Legends arrive in a possible tomorrow, a ruined Star City overrun with criminals, and team up with a pair of Green Arrows.
The best part (because the romance drama subplot was about as convincing as Stephen Amell’s age make-up) was…

…probably the developments between the team’s resident supervillains.

You may, of course, have divergent opinions to offer….

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  1. Nevermind his age make-up.For someone who was “dead inside” he sure kept himself in really good shape. And for someone with a missing arm he sure kept his archery skills up there…

    • If anyone could master one-handed archery or somehow pulling off a one-handed Salmon ladder workout routine, it’s OQ. He probably doesn’t have much else to do while moping around down there in the lair of the future, and he may have to occasionally go kick some ass to get groceries.

      The makeup was a tad unconvincing, but better than the alternative: A different actor portraying future Oliver.

      At least they found something else to do rather than chase down VS this week, and the development between Captain Cold/Heat Wave were good to see.

  2. Great except do we really have to have relationship drama / triangle? Seriously?
    Can we get PAST those already?

    • I agree. It didn’t help that it all felt really forced aside from Jax having a crush on Kendra, which on its own would have fine but then they had to crank it all up and overdo it.

      Next we’ll have some love pentagon between Sara/Kendra/Ray/Jeffeson/Leonard

    • Could the relationship stuff in this episode simply be a way of moving past it without having to continually write in URST?

      • There’s a big audience that wants relationship drama and URST, but for it to work, it has to be convincing, which this isn’t. For now, I doubt the URST will be URST-while.

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