Supergirl Discussion: “Falling”

Red Kryptonite makes its inevitable appearance, and the world must deal with a Supergirl who has the head of an ant attuned to the dark side. What did the Bureau think of it?

Or, if you prefer, is anyone watching Gotham? I’ve heard it’s finally hitting a stride….

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  1. When it started I went “Ugh, red kryptonite…” but this was probably the best episode of the series.

    Melissa Whatsit did a fantastic job, for one. We’ve seen her before when she gives up the “reserved” and acts heavily emotional, and she did that a lot this episode. She’s got range. Maybe she should play Cable…

    And they didn’t just hit the Reset button at the end. Kara/Supergirl’s relationship with just about everyone and everything is different. She’s going to have to work through trust issues with her sister, Jimmy Olsen, and the entire city.

    Plus, J’onn J’onzz didn’t just fade back into Hank Henshaw. He’s out (or rather, in) and there’s no going back.

    Plus they had the peanuts in the bar thing.

    I kind of want Kara to carry over some of Evil Kara’s wardrobe options…

    • It did turn out way better than I had expected, and kudos to them for the MM reveal sticking and complicating things.

      [blockquote]I kind of want Kara to carry over some of Evil Kara’s wardrobe options…[/blockquote]

    • My wife and I love the show, though at least so far there doesn’t appear to be all that much that would spur a discussion. Maybe since we are not familiar with the source material? *shrug*

      • Agreed! Lucifer isn’t the best, but it is pretty awesome. I might just go back and read up on the source material.

        Now, if they could just bring back Constantine. (Or cross him over.)

  2. Gotham was getting better for a while, this season has been great, but that last episode was so-so. I’m not sure what we were supposed to think of Lori Petty’s character, and I am *really* not looking forward to the implication that a certain much-maligned aquatically named character may be coming back. I’m OK with them resurrecting Jerome, but not yet. Never her.

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