Weekly Comic Discussion

This week has some mighty fine stuff coming,
including Daredevil #60, Exiles
, Fantastic Four #513, and
Ultimate Spider-Man #59. On the trade
paperback front, we’ve got Essential X-Men Vol.
, which begins with the issues that bracket the
Secret War from way back when.

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  1. Man, there’s almost no overlap between your list and mine.

    I really hope they’re going somewhere with this Exiles arc. I’m not fond of the new character, and haven’t found Marvel’s nods to the ‘real’ world (see the last issue) particularly … compelling, so I’m really hoping that it’s going to pick up soon.

    Other than that, District X looks like it has some potential (but I confess to being more interested in the Multiple Man mini-series), but I’m not sure Academy X will be worth the bother. Generation X was more interesting in its first issue, if nostalgia for my youth isn’t misleading me. I hope Astonishing is good: I really like what I’ve seen of Cassaday’s work elsewhere, but the previews of this book are somewhat uninspiring.

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