Supergirl Discussion: “Myriad”

In the penultimate episode of Season One, Supergirl faces world-conquering aliens and mindless humans– and Superman himself is in thrall, because the writers say so.

Will we have closure next week, or cliffhanger?

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  1. Hopefully they wrap things up next week rather than opting for a cliffhanger.

    I also hope they explain better the inconsistencies in who is affected and how… Seemed a bit weak.

    Not too bad overall really so far.

    • Well, they explained why Superman was affected, and that’s really the only inconsistency (and a bit of a heavy-handed “if we don’t do this people will ask why Superman didn’t show up to help” thing). Course they kind of shot themselves in the foot now if they don’t make Superman fight Supergirl, which I doubt they’ll do…

      • Yeah it’s inconsistent because they were both raised on Earth, though Supes was raised from a younger age, that seems a bit nitpicky difference, which makes the explanation unsatisfactory.

  2. I liked this episode – there wasn’t a ton of action, but there was a lot of good acting. It was actually fairly slow-paced but it didn’t feel that way.

    And I too hope they resolve and don’t cliffhanger us…

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