4 replies on “Buffy Season Seven DVD in October”

  1. 5 months…

    …to decide if I actually want to buy this.

    Which is stronger: my need for the complete series or my utter disgust at
    S7? I guess we’ll have to wait and see…

  2. Already available in region 2
    However, it’s seventy-five pounds!!!!!!!

    I think I’m going to wait and hope it’s on offer some time, like the previous six seasons which Amazon were selling for thirty-five pounds each recently.

    • Re: Already available in region 2
      Oh no, hold your horses, Amazon say it’s fifty-five pounds now. That’s much better. Maybe when my credit card’s not quite so close to the limit (serves me right for buying an iPod doesn’t it)

      • Re: Already available in region 2
        Of Course it’s already released in Region 2. Region 2 has a higher syndication than Region 1. We are far behind.

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