Jake 2.0 – still being shown?

Anonymous Coward writes, Not sure if anyone else has noticed, but Jake 2.0 is being broadcast on Sky One in the UK, and being posted to alt.binaries.multimedia. Considering that it got canned I have no idea how many more episodes are left (though it looks like at least two more), but I’ve gotten to watch 1×13 (Blackout) and 1×14 (Get Foley) this month. I’d say the show was getting better, and they were actually moving the story forward.

Anyone else still watching it?

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    • Re: 16 eps

      According to TVTome, there were only 16 episodes of Jake 2.0 made.

      That seems like an odd number – usually it’s either 12 or 22. Wonder if that’s just all the info they got from the network originally. But hey, more is more. Funny part is that I originally didn’t care for it (too much of a 6M$ man rip-off), but the last few episodes were pretty good. And I liked the two-parter.

      Now to see if anyone has more Wonderfalls (two “new” episodes have been posted)

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          was it ever 13 and 26 or am I thinking of something else?

          Not sure – went to TV tome, looked at a bunch of 70s/80s shows and they tend to center around 22 or 24, or both. Go back to the 50’s/60’s, though, and you’ll find a lot more episodes pe season, which is why they’re in syndication – it only took Bewitched 3 years to hit the requisite 100 episodes (holy cow – 36 a year? cool)

  1. Still watching.
    I’ve got 3 of them downloaded (Blackout, Get Foley and Dead Man Talking), 2 of them already on the Xbox and watched. This show was obviously continuing it’s trend of getting better by leaps with each episode. Not only that, but doing so with well executed continuity and plot/character progression.

    It would have found an audience had they left it alone. Hell, I know I was doing my part to get word-of-mouth out about the show and I was getting people to watch who continued watching.

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