I’m still playing catch-up after Ad Astra, so we’re doing a mini-review (a Flash Flash Review?) of this week’s episode. Click for the good, the bad, and the doubtful:

The Good: Barry spoke with all of his fathers, and Cisco got into a new vibe with his brother. Zoom made it known that he’s a real threat, though the killings mainly targeted Red Shirts.

The Bad: a lot of the episode and its dialogue felt forced, as though they had to get to a certain point where the show will resemble the comic even more closely, as Arrow started to after a couple of seasons. It seems likely that Wells’ preposterous scheme will lead to a Kid Flash and a Jesse Quick.

The Dubious:Why aren’t the STAR Team multi-millionaires? They’re able to advance holographic technology generations in a couple of days and build the most extraordinary tech, which they use for their own purposes.

And does anyone seriously believe they’ve killed Barry?