The Flash Mini-Review: “Rupture”

I’m still playing catch-up after Ad Astra, so we’re doing a mini-review (a Flash Flash Review?) of this week’s episode. Click for the good, the bad, and the doubtful:

The Good: Barry spoke with all of his fathers, and Cisco got into a new vibe with his brother. Zoom made it known that he’s a real threat, though the killings mainly targeted Red Shirts.

The Bad: a lot of the episode and its dialogue felt forced, as though they had to get to a certain point where the show will resemble the comic even more closely, as Arrow started to after a couple of seasons. It seems likely that Wells’ preposterous scheme will lead to a Kid Flash and a Jesse Quick.

The Dubious:Why aren’t the STAR Team multi-millionaires? They’re able to advance holographic technology generations in a couple of days and build the most extraordinary tech, which they use for their own purposes.

And does anyone seriously believe they’ve killed Barry?

5 replies on “The Flash Mini-Review: “Rupture””

  1. I’m guessing Barry got his speed back, but in the process either vibrated into another universe, the past, or possibly just out of the building.

    • I think it’s likely one of those options, especially as Barry is expressly mentioned in the descriptions of the next two episodes.

    • Well there was an explicit burning disintegration effect so it’s plausible. And it’s actually a clever idea from a narrative perspective, I’ve never been sold on the character and particularly the chemistry with Iris, killing off Barry and swapping in a new Flash creates a bunch of cool storylines.

      Of course they’ll probably chicken out, but I’m actually hoping they don’t.

  2. Hmmm, Wouldn’t Barry’s Death right now change the timeline, and if that happened, shouldn’t Cisco have gone in convulsions? Since he didn’t I’m guessing Bary will be back in time for the season finale.

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