Discussion of the Legends of Tomorrow

The two most recent episodes, “Leviathan” and “River of Time,” see Vandal Savage captured– and the Time Masters’ duplicity revealed.

The Legends now face their biggest challenge: with the Avengers back in the theatres, does anyone care?

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  1. This is a show that should have had a lot of potential. This last episode just looked tired in that the writers didnt really know how to pull the show off.

    Firestorm seems to be not understood or used by the writers. FS is simply one of the most powerful superheroes in DCU history but cant seem to do anything apart from walking around as two seperate entities getting into trouble.

    Atom is a continual disappointment. Hawkgirl goes from finding her true love to a week later lovesick over Atom. This romance was totally set up to be tragic but its only tragic in the sense of how badly it has progressed.

    The only characters who seem to be useful are Sarah, Snart and Mick and they are rarely given enough screen time to do anything but fight with each other.

    I really want to like this show and will continue to watch it but common have them stay in a time period for a few episodes rather than hopping around every week. Give them challenges that are going to take time and planning to overcome.

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