Arrow: “Schism”

Arrow ends its current season, with an episode that fans will either applaud or roll their eyes at, depending on their inclinations. We have a global threat (the other superheroes are apparently occupied elsewhere), violence in the street, and a hefty side of cheese.

The episode ends with a smaller Team Arrow and a mayorally-inclined Ollie. Best of all, we might actually get a season without flashbacks.

3 replies on “Arrow: “Schism””

  1. I like how it ended. I wasn’t entirely happy with the Nukes flying around or the (relative!) ease with which they were dealt with, some of the motivations of the guest cast were a bit questionable, but overall I liked how Oliver stepped up and hopefully they get back to basics in the fall. The mayor bit was predictable but great to see, but I’d also hoped he’d out himself as Green Arrow at the end. Could still happen next season though. Overall things seem to be ripe for a bit of a reset. Back to Oliver having money/power again and improving the city.

    I heard a rumor, not sure how true it is, that we may still see flashbacks next season, looking back at Oliver just before S1 and at alternate times in S1. I hope they’re minimal, if they happen at all.

  2. I liked it overall. Having Oliver recognize that sometimes killing is the only option is refreshingly pragmatic, and just about everyone deciding that they needed some time off from heroing makes sense. I’m hoping we’ll see Ollie too busy mayoring to be Green Arrow and have Mister Terrific finally make an appearance to pick up the slack.

    That said, man, do they need to start doing something about security. At least get a deadbolt or something. It’s harder to get into my office than it is any superhero lair in the DCU.

  3. There’s still the question of how Oliver had connections with the Russian mafia in season 1. Given his promise on the island, I expect we’ll be seeing what happened in Russia.

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