Preacher Review: “See”

The Preacher returns, with a glimpse of the past and forebodings of the future. Jesse is, however, getting on well with his new vampire pal.

Title: “See”

Cast and Crew

Director: Michael Clovis
Writer: Sam Catlin
Adapted from the graphic novel by: Garth Ennis, Steve Dillon

Dominic Cooper as Jesse Custer
Joseph Gilgun as Cassidy
Ruth Negga as Tulip O’Hare
Lucy Griffiths as Emily
W. Earl Brown as Hugo Root
Tom Brooke as Fiore
Anatol Yusef as DeBlanc
Ian Colletti as Eugene/Arseface
Tom Brooke as Fiore
Anatol Yusef as DeBlanc
Graham McTavish as The Cowboy
Jackie Earle Haley as Odin Quincannon
Ricky Mabe as Miles Person
Bonita Friedericy as Terri Loach
Ptolemy Slocum as Linus
Tim Ransom as Mr. Murphy
Gianna LePera as Tracy Loach
Frances Lee McCain as Mosie
Alex Knight as Clive
Trine Christensen as The Cowboy’s Wife
Zachary Hinrichs as Pioneer Boy
Marie Wagenman as The Cowboy’s Daughter
Rhiannon Frazier as Mrs. Murphy
Barbie Robertson as Lacey
Deborah Martinez as Sundowner Maid
Keith Jardine as Verne
Jose Jacinto Marquez as Farmer
Maria Bethke as Farmer’s Wife
Peterson as Gary


Cassidy assists the Preacher, the Preacher starts consciously using his newfound powers, Tulip continues to ask for help, a couple of men prove very hard to kill, and a flashback tells us… Well, that’s not really clear at this point, but it looks like a real Killer storyline is in the works.

High Points

I have no definite idea what the flashback means, but it is wonderfully executed.

Elsewhere, we get a glimpse of the always-interesting Jackie Earle Haley as a character destined to reappear in several episodes.

And then there was that chainsaw massacre, filled with the show’s dark humour.

Low Points

Tulip’s attempts to draw the reluctant here villain to complete his quest wasted time and a fake cliffhanger.

The Scores:

Originality: 2/6 The scene where our mysterious men try to, I assume, draw the Supernatural Thingy out of Jesse’s head, is original even if it has its roots in the source material.

Effects: 6/6

Acting: 5/6 The Old West Flashback features stylized brilliance in its performances, Ian Colletti is convincing as Eugene, and Joseph Gilgun, highly entertaining as Cassidy. If the show were just a mismatched buddy hero show with Cassidy and Jesse I would watch.

Story: 4/6 The story remains engaging. Between revisitings of ideas from the pilot, and setting up disparate elements, it’s hard to say there is an overall story. The Jesse/Cassidy interactions felt most like a coherent movement. The Jesse/Tulip interactions reprised what we’ve already seen, when she wasn’t doing a fairly clichéd “tough girls beats the boys at their game” bit.

Emotional Response: 5/6

Production: 6/6

Overall: 5/6

In total, “See” receives 33/42