Serenity Lifts Off

Anonymous Coward writes, Today (Wed June 9) is a
very special day indeed. According to inside
sources, this is the day the entire main cast of
Firefly reunites and begins filming scenes together
for the upcoming Serenity movie. Browncoat fans have
united to present them with a
surprise 4ft x 8ft vinyl welcome-back banner
One fan has actually been cast as an extra in the
movie and is posting
his experiences in ongoing diary entries
Release has been officially scheduled for April 22,
2005. That’s, um, only 316 days…
I may just
have to bookmark that BLOG.

10 replies on “Serenity Lifts Off”

  1. Me, me, that was me…
    …who posted this story, from my new work computer that didn’t have the B42 cookie set yet to ID me. I am one dedicated Firefly fan and I can hardly wait to see this movie. Somehow it’s cosmic justice that something as great as Firefly refuses to die after ignoble cancellation by insane idiots at Fox to make room for other shows that are pure unadulterated crap.

    Fly, Serenity, fly.

  2. BTW
    The Chinese characters on the banner read, “Congratulations Serenity”. There are several ways to say Serenity in Chinese; the lower two symbols were the ones actually used on the show in several backdrop props and scenes.

  3. Yee Ha!
    I’m so excited, I could plotz. Now, if they could just get the American Gothic movie into production, I could die a happy man…you know, after seeing the movies, of course….

  4. w00t!
    hooooray! I watched the entire series on DVD the other day and when
    watching the extras I was sitting there going ‘god this sucks that this left the
    show’ and got all depressed.

    this is good news

  5. Yah!!
    Firefly and B5 movies. This rules. And the Farscape mini-series. All kinds of cool stuff coming up in the next two years.

  6. Location
    Anyone know where they’re filming? The foliage behind the banner seems like
    SoCal, but I haven’t been around the Universal lot enough to know if there are
    hills backing on to any of the sound stages…

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