Preacher Discussion: “Sundowner”

“You broke my kid’s art thing!”

This one’s late, and not even a review. “Sundowner” begins with an entertaining and quite ridiculous fight scene in which the bodies of three of the participants pile up. The episodes contrasts this insanity with scenes involving Tulip and Emily, and then Tulip and Cassidy. We also have a good deal of the backstory explained (assuming we’re hearing from reliable sources). Things are actually happening. Many of these are not nice things, however. Our titular Preacher is either seriously overwhelmed by his pride, or by the thing that possesses him, “Genesis.”

And his powers may be greater than we realize.

The episode leaves us with Jesse doing something really dangerous.

Belated comments?

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  1. I loved that fight, especially when Cassidy showed up! I’d hate to be on cleanup duty for that.

    Curious how the 1800s flashback opening seems to only be every other episode. I wonder if it will reach anything resembling a conclusion this season or if it will keep going along with the rest of the show. Or if it even ties in at all.

    And oddly enough, nothing this week directly involving Odin Quincannon either.

    Pity about Eugene though. Did that happen in the comic? I wonder if they’ll find a way to bring him back.

    • We do see one consequence of Odin’s actions, and we realize how corrupt the mayor is. (A corrupt mayor! A preacher who lets it go to his head! Sheesh, what imaginative ideas these fantasy shows have).

      I don’t know the comic, but I am wondering: if Eugene actually is where we think he is, will he meet the Cowboy from the 1800s?

      • Yeah the mayor and the coverup was there, but I was expecting a bit more of him in person, though perhaps that would mean they had an even bigger mess on their hands if he shows up.

        Given how people obey his commands in a genie-like fashion, I’m wondering if he’s actually in, say Hell, Michigan and not actual Hell.

        From what little I’ve read about the comics, it’s more of a road-trip/traveling type scenario, so if we really are still in the first issue then maybe next season will be significantly different in tone and setting.

        I didn’t see the mascot this episode but I probably just missed it. It was in the preview for next week, though.

        • I’m told a lot of what we’re seeing is the backstory for where the comic initially started, with elements of the first or so issues. However, I haven’t read Preacher and cannot say.

        • We don’t see Arseface next week until the final scene.
          Shot of cars on Patterson Lake Road.
          Arseface sticks out his thumb at the roadside.
          Sign reads: Hell, MI.
          Fade to black.

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