Batman Begins

It’s not quite Year One but Newsweek‘s recent coverage of the forthcoming Batman Begins, found here, suggests that Hollywood’s latest non-animated take on the Dark Knight might fly.

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  1. Sounds as though it’s going to be either
    excellent or a disaster, but if it is disaster, it would be because they tried too hard in the wrong direction, rather than a “just plain out of new ideas” one, like the last two were.

    Scarecrow could make a great screen villain. Worked great in the animated series if I recall rightly.

    The one thing I’m not sure about is the gritty urban reality. One reason that Burton’s original worked so well was that it felt like a mythic city. You could all but expect Batman to come flying out of those narrow, claustrophobic passageways. With a more realistic setting, it would either give the myth a new intensity or make it feel out of place.

    At any rate, I like the way that they’re rethinking, even if it looks like like the Bathummer than the Batcar!

  2. Anything is better than a suit with nipples…
    I’ve seen the early shots of the new Batmobile, and while it is a bit strange, well, I like it. It actually fits with the plot. Nolan has written the script from the comics–Wayne Enterprises is a military contractor, which is how Bruce gets the suit and all the cool gizmos. Wouldn’t it stand to reason that the car would look somewhat “Hummer-ish”? It makes sense as I see it. Truth be told, I think it’s much more practical than the skinny car with the wind resisting fin; this one would run even if it was flipped over! Weird, yes. Practical, yes. Let’s give it a shot. I like the cast and the look of it all–gritty realism is Batman to me. Frank Miller gave Batman his balls back in the comic. Let’s see if Nolan can do it for him on screen.

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