Preacher Discussion: “El Valero”

“It [Hell]’s not that far.”

Eugene returns (sort of), it’s dog-gone certain Cassidy soon will, but this week’s episode focuses on Jesse and Odin, and their relationship with their respective gods. The results are mixed. We have some well-handled twists with supporting characters, clever explanations for Odin’s behavior, and witty lines of dialogue. Jackie Earle Haley stands out this week, with his casually deranged portrayal of Odin. We also have a show that continues to throw everything it can at the audience, including a comic stand-off that should have ended sooner and with more death. It’s difficult to know what the context of reality is for this often-surreal show, and the slow movement– which can work well in more realistic storytelling– leaves me impatient here.

I also really want to see what happens next with our absent Cowboy. Unlike certain other TV shows, Preacher‘s flashback story arc may be its most compelling.

Comments? Disagreements? Theories about the control room? Further thoughts on the Mascot?