Comic-Con Trailers: Justice League and Wonder Woman

Like many, I felt disappointment with Batman v Superman, and described it as this generation’s Phantom Menace. I thought they had the right Wonder Woman, however.

Based on these trailers from San Diego, we have hope for DC’s next steps in their cinematic universe. They have confirmed (no surprise) that a certain man with a big red “S” on his chest will return.

Trailers below:

2 replies on “Comic-Con Trailers: Justice League and Wonder Woman”

    • I didn’t think of it that way, but it does sort of work. What came to mind for me was Bats acting like Nick Fury/Agent Coulson wanting to speak to the others about the “Justice League” initiative.

      Ezra Miller definitely looks promising here, at least. Clearly the best part of the trailer.

      And WW looks like it’s shaping up to be great as well.

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