Official Serenity Movie Website Is Official

writes, Check it out! Universal Studios has
opened up the
official Serenity movie website
. In other news,
Browncoat fan Bob has posted his
adventure as a Serenity extra
, complete with non-plot-spoiling
pictures from the set
. Exterior photography is
complete; now the action is all aboard the Serenity
set. Keep flyin’.
Yes, this is nearly a
duplicate of the previous article. However, we have
now confirmed (with the help of Xiadix) that it is
the official site. (The doubt was because it used to
have the HTML title bar “Official Serenity Movie Fan
Site,” but that’s since been changed to a simple
“Serenity” instead.) The above links give
link-through credit to rickyjames, who has an eye on
one of the T-shirts they give as a part of their
incentive programs to spread the word.

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