Manga Review: Biomega – Volume 4

Continuing with Volume 4 of Biomega.

Title: Biomega – Volume 4
Story & Art by Tsutomu Nihei
Translation by John Werry
English Adaptation by Stan!

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The Premise

Zoichi & Fuyu have fought their way up the space elevator just in time for Narudi, leader of the DRF, to transform (if not outright destroy) the Earth using the Reverse Morphic Polymer.

High Points

The action scenes in this volume continue the escalation in pacing, style, and excitement, while maintaining a strong sense of quality.

Low Points

The narrative in this volume is very light, which considering what happens is quite disappointing.


Originality: I’ve never seen a big action sequence like this on a space elevator before. 3/6
Art: 6/6
Story: The idea that some people infected by the virus might retain their sentience (possibly depending on who is in charge of that portion of the hive mind) is compelling, but it looks like the payoff will be more next volume. 4/6
Emotional Response: 3/6
Characterization: Only two characters appear this volume, who we don’t already know, but they’re fleshed out fairly well. 4/6
Flow: Nobody really draws action scenes like Tsutomu Nihei. 6/6
Overall: 4/6

In total this volume gets 27 out of 42.