We noted Dragon Con here, but the end of summer saw a number of events, and we’ve found some video below for those interested.

Dragon Con also witnessed the announcements that Grant Imahara, Tory Belleci, and Kari Byron, Mythbuster‘s “Build Team”, will have their own Netflix series, The White Rabbit Project, apparently making its debut December 9.

Toronto’s Fan Expo included an announcement that Chapterhouse, publishers of Jason Loo’s Pitiful Human-Lizard and the most recent people to revive Captain Canuck, will be creating their own universe of Canadian superheroes, consisting of characters old and new. (Jokes about, say, “Zamboni Man and Beaver” are inevitable, so feel free to contribute your suggestions. W. Blaine and I won’t be offended).

Some footage of Toronto’s Fan Expo, courtesy of Batwillcosplay and Neffy Avese:

MetaCon 2016, Minneapolis, as filmed and edited by MrExodeath:

Kava Plus brings us highlights of Burning Man 2016. One of my nieces was there this year with her Fire Troop. If they post any footage, I’ll add it:

BONUS: You know that finger thing improv troops and mimes do to mimic talking on a phone? New technology brings that into the real world: