This Week’s DVD Picks

There’s a few more interesting DVDs coming out this
week. See below for my picks.

My genre picks include:

  • Farscape
    – Season 4, Collection 5
    should include the final
    episodes of the series. Well, until the TV movies
    this fall. I never got into this show in its
    original release, but I’d be willing to try it on DVD
    if they’d only release a reasonably priced season
  • Hercules
    – The Legendary Journeys: Season Four
    is a
    reasonably priced season set, but I still won’t pick
    it up.
  • Justice
    League: Star Crossed
    is a collection of the final
    three episodes of the second season. Again, there’s
    no season set available just yet. In this case,
    though, I might make an exception. I’ve only seen 21
    episodes from the first season, though, so I’m not
    sure if I want to skip ahead this far.

Other worthy items include:

Yes, that’s all of it. It’s a really light week,
with only 100 or so new releases listed on
that are available offline (and about 200 more that
are online only, most of which are educational