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  1. What I think should be included.
    The Lassider: The original hand-held laser. One of only two still known to

  2. Other things
    A room entirely packed with tribbles.

    Okay, seriously, I’d like this museum to be cutting-edge of technology in museums and learning environments, mirroring the cutting-edge nature of (good) science fiction.

    How about virtual reality installations of various futures that sf authors have created?

    Or a Hall of Other Histories, set up like a regular hall of historical exhibits, a long, rectangular room, but corridors or rooms that diverge off of it to show alternate histories that SF authors have used? One might be, say, the US Civil War, or World War Two, where the losing side actually won. The exhibits there would be the famous historical photo of Churchill, Stalin, and Roosevelt surrendering, then photos of other momenteous events after that.

    You could even set up a kind of game in which the visitors get to try and put history back the way it was.

    I’d like to see an installation of nothing but cover art from books through the ages. And a room set up where you could hear excerpts of some of the best science fiction radio series.

    These probably don’t merit a permanent installation but would be great exhibits.

    The many incarnations of Star Trek and Star Trek merchandise could be fun. Same for Doctor Who.

    Authors most people don’t know wrote science fiction. For historical ones whose work is out of copyright, let people download their works right then and there, either for a nominal fee (mostly to discourage people hogging the download kiosk) or free, to various formats, PDF, ebook, whatever.

    Robits in fiction and reality.

    So who’s thinking about going, either as a special trip or if you’re in Seattle anyway?

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