Jack Chick dead at 92

The comic book world lost a figure of global influence this week. Jack Chick, the prolific creator of those rectangular extremist comics often found in public places, and the deranged conspiracy Crusader Comic Books, died October 23. Chick’s often surreal comic-book rants against everything from evolution to role-playing games created controversy even among evangelical Christians and became ironic must-reads among many hip consumers of comix culture. Over the years, Chick claimed the Catholic Church created Islam and assassinated JFK, warned against the corrupting influence of rock ‘n’ roll, Bewitched and Family Guy (well…), and established much of the groundwork for the 1980s/90s “Satanic Panic.”

Pity he couldn’t have held out a bit and died next Monday. Chick freakin’ hated Halloween.

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  1. Too bad he out-lived Gygax and Arneson. I would have chipped in to pay their airfare so they could dance on his grave.

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