Another week, another set of DVDs to drain my already
limited resources.

This week’s genre entertainment includes:

  • Dracula:
    this is a rerelease of Coppola’s adaptation.
  • Highlander
    : a special edition rerelease of the film
  • Millenium:
    Season One
    : This is Chris Carter’s second show,
    which was never as popular as The X-Files.
    His third show, Harsh Realm, will be out in
    August, and his fourth, The Lone Gunmen, may
    be released in some form in 2005. Still no word on
    how intact the Lone Gunmen pilot episode would
  • Fifth
    Element and Gattaca
    are being rereleased in a
    low-cost pair. Both of those have been waiting in
    the request queue for a while, but I’ll try to get to
    them this week while the DVDs would be readily
  • Starship
    Troopers 1 and 2
    are also being released as a two
    pack. The second is a direct to video release.
  • John
    Carpenter’s Vampires and Underworld
    are in the
    next two pack.

These are the titles that caught my eye this week.
The next big week seems to be the September 7
releases, but I’ll keep this up every week.