DC Television Discussion: Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow

Supergirl: “Survivors”
The Maid of Might uncovers an alien Fight Club, and we learn something about Miss Martian that won’t be too surprising to comic-book fans, but which may mean something different in the DC TV-verse.

The Flash: “Monster”
Cisco has suspicions about the new Harrison, as the Flash meddles with a mystery that wouldn’t be out of place on Scooby-doo (though the monster itself has a sort of “Alien meets Cloverfield” design). Caitlin gives her mother’s advice the cold shoulder.

Arrow: “Targets”
Church, shockingly, learns the Arrow’s identity, and Ollie must take desperate actions.

Legends of Tomorrow: “Abominations”
The Legends battle zombies during the Civil War. Does anyone else feel like the episodes this year have premises generated by a game of Mad Libs?

2 replies on “DC Television Discussion: Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow”

  1. Supergirl – Meh
    The Flash – Kinda likin the new Harrison and the timey wimey.. LOL
    Arrow – SOOO pissed at this show right now… Not watching at all. ANd seriously, reading the blurb? Seems a lot of deja vu. (and a seriously glitch in the Matrix)
    Legends – Great till zombies. Seriously… ZOMBIES…. WTF?
    I MISS Rory (Arthur’s Rory, from Doctor Who) *sigh*

    • With all the real-world comic-book villainy, I didn’t post anything about these shows this week. I didn’t see any of these shows this week. I’ll try to get a post out next week, and I remain curious about the four-show crossover that starts November 28.

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