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  1. Composer of the real “Enterprise” theme

    Jerry Goldsmith was responsible for the very memorable “Star Trek : The Motion Picture” theme, which was used by Star Trek : The Next Generation. Along from Alexander Courage’s horn fanfare, Goldsmith’s theme gave a sense of character to the starship Enterprise, especially in the movies. It was played when NCC1701 was refit, NCC1701A went for her first mission, NCC1701D when she made her debut on TV, and NCC1701E when she made her appearance on the big screen. Jerry Goldsmith was also the composer of the Klingon theme, and scored 5 out of the 10 Star Trek movies.

    Apart from Star Trek, he also wrote a lot of music for other sci-fi movies, but the one non-Trek theme which sticks in my head till today is Gremlins (the theme was both whimsical, mischievious and evil). He will be missed by all sci-fi music fans.

    Sorry about the offtopic posts in the Firefly thread :)

  2. One of my favorites
    He was always in my top-5 composers list. His talent is evident in his range of stlye, from Alien to Star Trek. Some composers out there always sound the same, but Jerry Goldsmith was all over the spectrum, and I like that. His music will be missed.

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