TwistyHat writes, It’s almost a tradition. At Comiccon a few years back, Joss Whedon showed a stunned audience the first clip from “Serenity” – the pilot for his new show Firefly. This weekend he is back to show the first clip from “Serenity” – the motion picture based on the Firefly series. Also at Comic-Con will be the cast from the series/movie (all 9 actors) – editor Lisa Lassek, special effects guru Loni Peristere and producer Chris Buchanan.
It will take place on Sunday July 25th, 1-2pm, Room 20, afterwards there will be a signing session in room 28DE.
This was reported on what used to be the official Fox board, by the user “AffableChap” which has previously been confirmed to be Chris Buchanan.