Story of Dr. Dolittle: Chapter 6: Polynesia and the King (Bedtime in the Public Domain)

The latest entry in Bedtime in the Public Domain is from The Story of Dr. Dolittle by Hugo Lofting. Today sees the release of Chapter 6: Polynesia and the King. I apologize for some of the content. I chose this book based on the recommendation of someone I trust, but I don’t think she’s read it recently enough to recognize the racism in it. Had I know that the king of the “darkies” lived in a palace made of mud, I wouldn’t have used this book. I’ll finish it, but if you’re listening with children, I suggest you talk about how this depiction was never accurate, but people in Lofting’s culture didn’t recognize that, and he wasn’t trying to be mean or racist. The series can also be found on Stitcher, on iTunes, or in a direct RSS feed.