Flash Discussion: “Killer Frost”

The real killer frost is the one that descends upon Barry and Cisco’s friendship. This stronger-than-average, Kevin Smith-directed episode highlights Caitlin’s newfound powers and instability, but also reveals Alchemy’s identity,1 reintroduces Kid Flash, and gives us a glimpse of Savitar’s powers.

I doubt Barry will be…

…out of a job for long but, really, with the abilities of S.T.A.R. Labs’ resident geniuses, why doesn’t he just collect a paycheque from them and be the Flash full-time? By rights, S.T.A.R. should be at the center of a technological revolution that would make their world look more like CW-DCU’s version of Earth-Two (minus the Art Deco designs).

1. Strongly foreShaded last week.

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  1. Exactly what is STAR labs income source? Harrison Wells is missing presumed dead. Who/What actually pays the bills?

    • Presumably, there is work going on that we don’t see. The place is a lot bigger than just the rooms we see so there could easily be other projects going on, and even other staff members we don’t see. And what’s to say that STAR labs doesn’t own other facilities elsewhere that are profitable? It’s not like the corporate structure has been explained in any detail.

      Also, there could easily be income from patents and the like which is sufficient to keep the lights on. For all we know, they’ve sold or licensed various technologies invented by Cisco to the likes of Palmer Tech.

      That’s leaving aside the possibility of a cash pile sitting around somewhere which also wouldn’t be impossible, especially given who “Harrison Wells” actually was.

      Finally, didn’t “Harrison Wells” leave STAR labs to Barry at some point? That would make Wells’s disappearance much less problematic from an operational standpoint.

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