Weekly Comics Discussion

week’s shipping list
includes a few little gems
worth looking at, including Avengers 500,
which marks the first issue of Brian Michael Bendis’
much promoted “Avengers Disassemble” story,
Astonishing X-Men #3, Fantastic Four
, and Ultimate Fantastic Four #9.

2 replies on “Weekly Comics Discussion”

  1. Avengers 500
    Well, that had way more action and far less conversation
    than I’ve come to expect from Bendis. I’ll wait out this
    story arc and see what’s going on.

  2. Amazing Spidey 509-5??
    Im not sure if the amazing spider mans were covered earlier because i just came back to this site after a years absence. Anyway just to explain im a huge marvel fan i get all the spider mans. i need to start getting astonishing x-men though and i missed the first half of Xtreme. Other than that i get all the X-men stuff. Hulk FF Avengers Thor Spider Girl and i really miss cable and deadpool. O.k. now on to comic discussion.

    i love the direction pretty much every comic is taking but what a wild turn for spider man going back to the gwen stacy thing. For once a story thats important to the character of spiderman instead of just a filler story. (filler story is what i call a story in a comic book thats real good but doesnt have any importance in really shaping the character. The thing with Ezekiel seemed like it would have been important and might turn out to be later but the way it ended didnt really have earth shattering results for the world of spiderman. Gwen Stacy dying or the clone saga thats earth shattering…sorry i got off topic again)

    Lets just see how this arc goes and whether or not i eat my words. Anyway ill just stop with the hope that an amazing spider man discussion gets started although im open to pretty much any comic.

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