I have to admire Legends of Tomorrow for completely embracing the crazy. This week, the Legends face off against the Legion of Doom in 1967 over the spear that pierced Jesus’s side– in order to save the career of George Lucas!

Seriously. That was the plot.

A rather grim scene involving the still-living Rip Hunter ends the ep on a different tone.

Meanwhile, on Flash and Arrow….

Barry acts like a jackass towards Kid Flash, who steps up his game. A rogue gets loose, Emma Caitlin tries to control her cold spells, HR opens the S.T.A.R. Museum, a new member joins Team Flash, and the Team faces possible grim futures. Careful viewers learn that gorillas will one day attack Central City.

Ollie worries (with some justification) that he is, in essence, a killer. Some version of Laurel Lance returns, Felicity seeks revenge, and Diggle faces danger.