CW-DCU Discussions: “Borrowing Problems from the Future,” “Raiders of the Lost Art,” and “Who Are You?”

I have to admire Legends of Tomorrow for completely embracing the crazy. This week, the Legends face off against the Legion of Doom in 1967 over the spear that pierced Jesus’s side– in order to save the career of George Lucas!

Seriously. That was the plot.

A rather grim scene involving the still-living Rip Hunter ends the ep on a different tone.

Meanwhile, on Flash and Arrow….

Barry acts like a jackass towards Kid Flash, who steps up his game. A rogue gets loose, Emma Caitlin tries to control her cold spells, HR opens the S.T.A.R. Museum, a new member joins Team Flash, and the Team faces possible grim futures. Careful viewers learn that gorillas will one day attack Central City.

Ollie worries (with some justification) that he is, in essence, a killer. Some version of Laurel Lance returns, Felicity seeks revenge, and Diggle faces danger.

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  1. The number of incidents with Mr. Lucas that just had to inspire important scenes in Star Wars was almost painful.

    The Diggle plot looks like it could blow up big by the time it resolves. It should be interesting to see where that ends up. And how about that “mommy and daddy fighting” lampshade?

    Also: Emma? You mean Caitlin? That story line should be interesting.

    • Corrected. My brain did a “Caitlin Snow -> Killer Frost –> Emma Frost” thing.

      As for the “inspiring scenes” shenanigans, I see it more as a tribute, but it’s the sort of thing that this show often overdoes. I’d be more inclined to just sit back and enjoy the silliness more often, but with so many genre shows around, I find the excesses leave me cold too often to watch it regularly.

      • Indeed. It was certainly meant a tribute. Still, the excesses were particularly obvious here given the sheer number of plot points that were covered beyond the blatant trash compactor one. On the upside, they resisted the urge to have the characters comment on the similarities and just got on with things. But still, they could have done with fewer of them.

  2. Are we allowed to make predictions?
    Yes? No?
    Oh well, If we’re not, someone cane remove this.

    In Arrow, I predict that Prometeus will be revealed to be 1) a woman, and 2) the reporter currently dating Oliver.

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