Weekly Comics Discussion

week’s release list
seems to be making up for the
empty list I had last week. This week, I’ll be
picking up Daredevil #63, Dr. Spectrum
, Essential Iron Fist Vol. 1,
Exiles #51, Fantastic Four #517,
Supreme Power #12, Ultimate Spider-Man
, and X-Men: The End #2.
Furthermore, the Marvel and DC solicitations have
been leaked to Usenet, so I can fill you in on all of
the items I’ll be picking up in November. Read more
for those details.

The only DC material I plan to get is the cheap
reprint of Batman: The Dark Knight Archives Vol.
which was advance solicited two months ago. I
was tempted by the reoffering of JLA Vol. 3: Rock
of Ages
, the first issue of JLA:
, a new series with rotating creative
teams that kicks off with Grant Morrison, and the
paperback of Legacy – The Last Will and Testament
of Hal Jordan
. I’ll be getting more from Marvel,
though. The list follows.

  • Astonishing X-Men #7: The start of a new story
  • New Avengers #1: The new team, with the new
    lineup. So far, it’s confirmed to include Captain
    America, Iron Man (or, at least, someone in the
    armour), Spider-Man, Wolverine, Spider-Woman (Jessica
    Drew), and Sentry. There’s another character on the
    cover that’s hard to make out.
  • Avengers Finale #1: This wraps up the original
  • Daredevil #67
  • Doctor Spectrum #4
  • Essential Iron Man Vol. 2
  • Exiles #54
  • Fantastic Four #520
  • Marvel Age Spider-Girl Vol. 2: My copy of volume
    one is very, very late.
  • Pulse
  • Ultimate Elektra #4
  • Ultimate Fantastic Four #13
  • Ultimate Nightmare #4
  • Ultimate Spider-Man #68
  • Ultimate Spider-Man #69
  • Ultimate X-Men #53
  • X-Men: The End Book One #5

One reply

  1. Good week!

    Reviews will come later, but I’ve gotta say, I’m happy
    with this week’s list. Supreme Power was
    excellent. Fantastic Four is back in form after
    a recent slump. Ultimate Spider-Man does a nice
    take on the clone saga. Daredevil is great. The
    rest of the list is good, so far. (I haven’t read the
    Essential yet, nor the Marvel Age Fantastic Four Vol. 1
    that finally arrived.)

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