week’s release list
seems to be making up for the
empty list I had last week. This week, I’ll be
picking up Daredevil #63, Dr. Spectrum
, Essential Iron Fist Vol. 1,
Exiles #51, Fantastic Four #517,
Supreme Power #12, Ultimate Spider-Man
, and X-Men: The End #2.
Furthermore, the Marvel and DC solicitations have
been leaked to Usenet, so I can fill you in on all of
the items I’ll be picking up in November. Read more
for those details.

The only DC material I plan to get is the cheap
reprint of Batman: The Dark Knight Archives Vol.
which was advance solicited two months ago. I
was tempted by the reoffering of JLA Vol. 3: Rock
of Ages
, the first issue of JLA:
, a new series with rotating creative
teams that kicks off with Grant Morrison, and the
paperback of Legacy – The Last Will and Testament
of Hal Jordan
. I’ll be getting more from Marvel,
though. The list follows.

  • Astonishing X-Men #7: The start of a new story
  • New Avengers #1: The new team, with the new
    lineup. So far, it’s confirmed to include Captain
    America, Iron Man (or, at least, someone in the
    armour), Spider-Man, Wolverine, Spider-Woman (Jessica
    Drew), and Sentry. There’s another character on the
    cover that’s hard to make out.
  • Avengers Finale #1: This wraps up the original
  • Daredevil #67
  • Doctor Spectrum #4
  • Essential Iron Man Vol. 2
  • Exiles #54
  • Fantastic Four #520
  • Marvel Age Spider-Girl Vol. 2: My copy of volume
    one is very, very late.
  • Pulse #6
  • Ultimate Elektra #4
  • Ultimate Fantastic Four #13
  • Ultimate Nightmare #4
  • Ultimate Spider-Man #68
  • Ultimate Spider-Man #69
  • Ultimate X-Men #53
  • X-Men: The End Book One #5