The Expanse Discussion: “Static”

Plots converge and suspense intensifies with the most recent episode of The Expanse.

Note: We will post discussions if they receive responses. In any case, the season will receive two more multi-ep reviews, respecting its story-arc-heavy nature.

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  1. You know, I’d been wondering what the story purpose of that big ass ship was. Yes, I know what its stated purpose is. But it seemed like it ought to be a chekhov’s gun of some kind. Seems like it might be a pretty much literal one.

    That bit with the battle reruns was gold. Brilliant lampshade on the insane luck that the protagonists/heroes tend to have in so many plots.

    I think we’re seeing a lot of the payoff for detailed world building and character development over the course of the first season. Now that they have all that groundwork to draw on, the story pace feels much more comfortable compared to the slow and often disjointed, especially in the early episodes, pace in the first season.

    • Excellent. That’s pretty much what the High Point would have been, combined with what I’m hoping we’ll be able to say about Story in a couple of weeks.

      Maybe you should be reviewing this season.

    • The Nauvoo is pretty a blatant Chekov, but having read the books I can tell you that they have a *lot* of more subtle ones as well that I’m not sure if someone who hasn’t read the books would catch. Should make for a fun series re-watch to see just how much you missed.

      Agree on the story pace – it’s definitely found a good pace and, given they appear to be bringing some events from later books forwards, probably won’t let up much going fowards either.

  2. Well, the next episode is the end of Leviathan Wakes, and then it’s on to the next novel. Although they certainly have sped up things. And I agree with zocalo, things aren’t going to be letting up, especially if they keep this pace up.

    • There’s still quite a bit left of Leviathan, especially with the extra stuff they’ve already brought forwards into the mix like Bobbie, so I’d be surprised if they can wrap all that up in just one more episode if they’re going to do it justice. Two maybe, but I think three is perhaps more likely.

      Thinking about the overall pace though, I’d say we’re probably on target for the first scenes from Abaddon’s Gate as the last scenes in the season final√© to create a cliff hanger, although I can see some other early stuff being brought forwards into this season as well.

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