DC-CW Discussion: Supergirl, “Luthors,” and Arrow, “Spectre of the Gun”

DC’s TV-verse serves up only two shows this week. On Supergirl, the Maid of Might stands by Lena Luthor when she seems to join forces with Lillian and Metallo. Kara ends the show thinking her support for her friend has been vindicated; we’re less certain.

In this week’s episode of Arrow , Melkotians force our heroes to relive the gunfight at OK Corral tensions increase among allies, and we learn Mad Dog’s origin.

Next week goes full-on comic book, with the Flash engaging in warfare at Gorilla City and Supergirl mixing it up with a pest from the fifth dimension.

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  1. I seriously wanted to strangle some of those people on Supergirl. The whole “she’s a Luthor therefore evil and obviously guilty” thing was annoying, especially given that it didn’t take very long to identify that the video was forged when they did bother to check it and everything else was completely circumstantial. Granted, people really are like that so there’s some truth in television and we did have the benefit of seeing what really happened. I’m not sure they needed to bludgeon us with it quite so heavily, though. Given the information in the episode and the way the world has treated Lena simply because of her name, I can’t help thinking that, just maybe, that world will actually deserve anything she does if that ambiguity at the end goes in the obvious direction.

    On Arrow, I seriously want to know what the details of that legislation of theirs is. I know we’re not supposed to analyze that stuff, but I can’t see how anything could possibly achieve what they said it did at the end. I will admit, though, that the point was not the specific legislation but rather the fact of it happening at all that was important.

    • The one thing I’m really afraid of, with how hard they are pushing the Kara is Lena’s friend storyline is that when Lena finds out Kara is supergirl she’d going to go full on revenge because of how betrayed she’s going to feel.

      • Yeah. They do seem to be telegraphing that, don’t they?

        I keep wondering if their casting choice for Lena is intended to make some people think in that direction, too, given her character on Merlin….

    • So, Supergirl talks about maniacs afraid of dangerous aliens and journalistic integrity, and Arrow has the danger of guns. What’s Flash and Legends going to be about? Will Gorilla City have a giant wall keeping Bad Hombres out and the Waverider will have to stay put because it’s emissions are damaging time?

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