The Expanse Discussion: “Godspeed”

“The Mormons are gonna be pissed.”

This season doesn’t waste any time getting to the next crisis. This week contrasts striking visual designs with galactically horrible decisions. Our protagonists do these horrible things for what they believe are good reasons.

Unfortunately, the episode ends with them unable to find comfort…..

…Because their plans go seriously awry.

On a less weighty note, joining hands and singing “Kumbaya” apparently will survive the centuries as the go-to expression designating wide-eyed, childishly naive gestures of unity.

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    • It was a snide comment (by Miller, naturally) fairly early on in response to a suggestion that just quarantining Eros would somehow be OK, e.g. that the various factions that were busy tooling up to destroy each other would even before the protomolecule would just forget about the whole thing and become friends again.

  1. This episode demonstrates how using something approximating proper physics can work nicely for building and maintaining tension. I’m not convinced the actual trajectory graphics presented are correct but the idea behind the plan seems essentially sound.

    It was fun to see the “going seriously awry” part from Miller’s perspective. The graphics had me thinking, “WTF? That’s not right.” Then, it turns out it was the situation that was “wrong”. :)

    • Yes. It was a great example of relativity and how the point of view matters.

      It was also great tension for the show. I didn’t want Miller to did yet I really did want him to take out the protomolecule.

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