DC-CW Discussion: Legends, “Camelot/3000” and Arrow, “The Sin Eater”

Legends of Tomorrow: “Camelot/3000”
The Legends play “Connecticut Yankee,” with even less historical accuracy than usual. We expect nothing less from a story set in Ye Olde Arthurian Times; at least, this time, the writers have an explanation for the anachronisms.

Arrow: “The Sin Eater”
The Team take on a metahuman girl gang, and authorities seek the Green Arrow… because he’s wanted for murder.

The Flash receives his own review, later today.

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    • Oh and just to clarify, although I suspect its not necessary, I’m talking about Legends, not Arrow (which is the same old gritty dark of the latest Batman fare….). ;-)

      • Apart from the in-ep explanation, DC has long established that, in its version of earth, a Camelot stunningly like the popular though historically absurd version once existed.

  1. Arrow was losing me. He has no trouble dropping a bad guy with arrows to the leg, but in this one, he’d rather stop and stare while the police shoot her dead. Then, the cops just let the man who admits to manslaughter walk away, because…. comics.

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