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Supergirl, “Homecoming”
Kara and Alex’s father returns– but he appears to be working for Lillian Luthor. Supergirl and Mon-El’s relationship takes a serious turn, but it appears he‘s keeping a secret his new girlfriend won’t like.

Question: What sort of contraceptives do superhumans use? I’m asking for a friend.

Arrow, “Fighting Fire with Fire”

Team Arrow encounter double problems with Helix and Vigilante.

Legends of Tomorrow
takes a week off, but they’re visiting the “Land of the Lost” in the next ep. I wonder if they’ll rescue Rick, Will, and Holly?

The Flash will receive its own review this week. I’m still hoping for a purple gorilla in the crowd.1

1. I refer neither the Great Grape Ape, though I’m sure DC now has the rights to that cartoon character, nor to the apparent marijuana strain. Rather, in many old comics, gorillas ended up being purplish in hue, for much the same reason that dark hair on humans often was bluish.

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