Movie Discussion: Logan

Hugh Jackman returns, playing the most successful Marvel character who is not a part of the MCU, and playing him (according to some reports) for the last time.

What do we think of the film?

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  1. I was really impressed. This was a wonderfully crafted and emotionally charged film. They really did some great stuff, and I loved it. I thought the acting was impressive, the story interesting, and everything was firing on all cylinders.

    And I never want to watch it again. :-(

    It was dark and gritty, but it _earned_ that, it made sense in the world Logan exists in. I have no issues with that for this movie (unlike some others that shall remain nameless :-\ ). It’s just emotionally taxing to watch.

    My one complaint was the idea of “The Westchester Incident”. ( for some additional info, if you’re interested — there are spoilers, so you are warned.) This was such a depressing idea that it turns my gut. I’ll avoid spoilers (or accidentally using the tags incorrectly ;-), but that truly sucked, in my opinion. :-(

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