Hugo-Nominated Shorter Fiction

I’ve reviewed the short stories and all but one of the novels, and I had good intentions regarding the novellas and novelettes. Unfortunately, a busy schedule and the recent, unexpected death of a friend means that you’ll have to discuss this year’s Hugo-nominated shorter fiction on your own.

Below you will find links. The 2004 Hugos will be awarded this weekend in Boston.


Vernor Vinge, “The Cookie Monster”.

Kage Baker, “The Empress of Mars”

Walter John Williams, “The Green Leopard Plague”

Connie Willis, “Just Like the Ones We Used to Know”

Catherine Asaro, “Walk in Silence”

Best Novelette

James Patrick Kelly, “Bernardo’s House”

Jeffrey Ford, “The Empire of Ice Cream”

Robert Reed, “Hexagons”

Jay Lake, “Into the Gardens of Sweet Night”

Michael Swanwick, ““Legions in Time

Charles Stross, “Nightfall”

(These last two, curiously, have titles that recall famous SF works from the past)