“Evil me, Evil Stein, Evil Mick… I guess that would just be Regular Mick, but still….”

I think Marvel has scooped the news with those early shots of Lockjaw from the forthcoming MCU Inhumans show, but DC features some watchable episodes this week:

Supergirl, “Exodus:” this Alex-focused episode features spy thriller tropes, more Danvers Family intrigue, and a pro-immigration message.

I’m also left wondering if CatCo will be eased out of the series entirely.

The Flash, “The Wrath of Savitar:” This week puts the season’s Big Bad back in its sites. Of course, Wally conceals helpful information from his associates (these guys are worse than the Hoover-era FBI), but Wally later pays a steep price. Will he be lost forever? Then again, will Savitar be the same after having his appendage sliced off?

Legends of Tomorrow, “Land of the Lost:” We’re 70 million years in the past, but the story rips us into a Heroes fight their Evil Doppelgängers ep. There’s something charmingly old school about the way the show puts some of our heroes in the Cretaceous and some in a character’s mind, but has to eschew 90% of the possibilities those premises suggest because the show has a limited budget. Vixen does get a brief T-Rex taming scene, though.

Arrow takes the week off.