CW DCU Discussion: Supergirl, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Arrow

“Evil me, Evil Stein, Evil Mick… I guess that would just be Regular Mick, but still….”

I think Marvel has scooped the news with those early shots of Lockjaw from the forthcoming MCU Inhumans show, but DC features some watchable episodes this week:

Supergirl, “Exodus:” this Alex-focused episode features spy thriller tropes, more Danvers Family intrigue, and a pro-immigration message.

I’m also left wondering if CatCo will be eased out of the series entirely.

The Flash, “The Wrath of Savitar:” This week puts the season’s Big Bad back in its sites. Of course, Wally conceals helpful information from his associates (these guys are worse than the Hoover-era FBI), but Wally later pays a steep price. Will he be lost forever? Then again, will Savitar be the same after having his appendage sliced off?

Legends of Tomorrow, “Land of the Lost:” We’re 70 million years in the past, but the story rips us into a Heroes fight their Evil Doppelg√§ngers ep. There’s something charmingly old school about the way the show puts some of our heroes in the Cretaceous and some in a character’s mind, but has to eschew 90% of the possibilities those premises suggest because the show has a limited budget. Vixen does get a brief T-Rex taming scene, though.

Arrow takes the week off.

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  1. Low point from Flash. “Sorry but we can’t give you anything to deal knock you out because of your metabolism.” If only they had some of Grodd’s darts handy……

  2. It seems to me that Cara going “freelance blogger” might make good sense from a story standpoint. It would completely remove any issues about her disappearing to deal with the problem of the week and it’s not really so far fetched that it could work. Especially since she really should be drawing some kind of paycheque from the DEO given how much work she does there (let’s assume they have a way of paying people secretly). And it frees her from certain problems authenticating her sources to a third party who’s not in the know when she needs to get a story out. It doesn’t prevent Snapper from publishing something that can be authenticated properly when he feels like it, either.

    On another note, anyone else think that Snapper at least suspects Cara’s identity and was trying to get her to crack?

    • I had that thought. It doesn’t seem to fit what we know, but then Savitar is hardly a reliable source by his own admission.

  3. On Legends, Rip is good again… So why are they still trying to get the spear still, as opposed to just re-hiding the other parts and going after the Legion of Doom?

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