Weekly Comics Discussion

This week’s shipping
has some interesting stuff. I’ll be picking
up Essential Super Villain Team Up,
Pulse #5 (which finishes the “Thin Air”
story arc), Ultimate X-Men #51 (which
continues the “Cry Wolf” story arc) and X-Men:
The End Book One #3
, which marks the half way
point in this portion of the series. Material I
won’t be picking up includes the Ultimate X-Men:
trade paperback, comprised of the issues
reviewed one article back (link below), and
Warlock #1, which actually doesn’t look too
bad. (There’s a free preview of that and more at Mile
High Comics
if you’d care to give them a shot.)

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  1. Ultimate X-Men

    Of the titles I picked up this week, noting that I haven’t yet read the Essential (as I plan to finish Ringworld’s Children, Essential Avengers Vol. 4, and Essential Tomb of Dracula Vol. 2 first), I’d say that Ultimate X-Men #51 was the best comic in a very good week. Vaughan has recognized that people react to the power mutants have, and is writing the first story I remember that uses a natural reaction that isn’t fear and hatred. I’m really liking this guy’s work.

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