CW DCU Discussion: “Doomworld,” “Distant Sun,” “Abra Kadabra,” and “Disbanded”

Legends of Tomorrow, “Doomworld:” more time-travelling shenanigans from the Legends. I suspect the success of the show depends on how much the audience wants to turn off brains and simply enjoy Silver Age-style superheroics.

Supergirl, “Distant Sun:” Supergirl has problems with her bf’s parents, in an ep with bounty hunters, CW romance, and palace intrigue. Mon-El’s mom apparently wants a part on Game of Thrones.

The Flash, “Abra Kadabra:” The show tries to reach out and grab ya with a new villain who may be able to help our heroes with Savitar. Caitlyn storms.

Arrow, “Disbanded:” Ollie, having gone over an edge, decides to break up the team and work with some allies from his past. This season’s big bad, Adrian Chase, has little time to gloat as his identity is exposed.

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  1. I was waiting for Mick to just use the spear to fix things because he happened to remember the incarnation Merlin used. It would have been huge for his character and a big moment. But like the contrived “his team doesn’t trust him” plot from last week, maybe the writers don’t trust him.

    Oh and how the hell did Rip survive?? They need to explain that.

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